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Judging by this, the "Paul Is Dead" thing appears to be dead perhaps people no wish he actually was dead, or at least artistically dormant, rather than shamelessly touring and cheapening the Beatles legacy. Instead, Lennon resonates with the most social significance, leading to the construction of this hypothesis that he sold his soul so that the Beatles would succeed. How else would you explain their singular fame? It had never happened before, but it would always happen afterward. It was the birth of Beatlemania. All four have noted this night as the turning point in their careers.

The Lennon Prophecy: A New Examination of the Death Clues of The Beatles

Not coincidentally, Lennon would be murdered almost exactly 20 years later by a man who claimed to be possessed by demons. It's interesting that the Devil capital D likes to operate in round decimal numbers. Why 20 years of fame? You would think the contract would stipulate 66 years or something more suitably infernal.

Unlike Paul, who died in a car accident and whose death needed to be communicated to fans through cryptic clues, John had his death foretold to him and felt obliged to convey his destiny through what is now "a well-documented trail of sorcery, mysticism, numerology, backwards masking, and anagrams. Imagine if the only "credible" way you could explain the existence of this photograph to yourself was to believe that the most popular pop group of the 20th century were Satanists on a mission to surreptitiously spread their creed of baby murdering to a unsuspecting and credulous population that has ceased to properly fear God.

This is sure to sound patronizing, but how strangely limited must your intellectual horizons be? How fervent and focused must be your zealotry? The sort of intensity, that sort of narrow but wildly imaginative world view, it seems to me, is not that different from the one that creates something like The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly.

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In lashing out so vehemently against the Beatles and all they seem to represent -- the culture industry triumphant and ubiquitous -- the reviewer registers a twisted plea in a very weird and possibly unconscious fashion for the protection of native, homespun creativity in the face of cultural homogenization, against a zeitgeist that seems to achieve disproportionate scope and obliterates local distinctions.

After all, only religion should have such reach. The willful misinterpretations of the Beatles is an attempt to neutralize it, or at least tame it, to put individuals back in a place above it, not subservient to pop culture and force to try to keep up with its trends and trivia.

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This take on the butcher cover is the cry of someone who is genuinely threatened by culture, feeling palpably something we may have become too jaded to acknowledge anymore, that is, that maybe we have become unspeakably lazy about filtering the information we consume in the name of entertainment, and this has dulled our own capabilities in ways we can't even recognize.

Our spiritual potential atrophies as we drift along in the digitized cultural surplus All you need is mythology. Highway Star , Jan 2, Location: canada. How did paul sprout 3 inch's in his late 20's? How did his face elongate? How did his voice suddenly change?

All are very compelling questions. When you add in his interest in the occult you have a very interesting story. Anyone with a open mind i suggest looking at the rotten apple series on you tube.

The Lennon Prophecy: A New Examination of the Death Clues of The Beatles - PDF Free Download

They are a very creepy look at this mystery. Be careful though it's easy to step through the looking glass with this subject.

John Lennon's Last Day and Death in New York City

Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil. Emilio , Jan 3, Location: Milton, Canada. Dave D , Jan 3, Slokes , Jan 3, Location: In Nashville sitting behind a mixing board. Jamie Tate , Jan 3, Just watched 30 some segments of The Rotten Apple thing.

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