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    Squash Book, CD-ROM, and Movie reviews by Faraz Hussain

    I really enjoyed the detailed drill diagrams and frame by frame pictures of the shots. The chapter on movement is especially helpful since it shows the difference between the traditional and more modern dynamic movement.

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    One mistake I have is I don't bend enough into my shots. So the pictures helped emphasize that point. There are good drills for both solo practice as well as partner practice.

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    Whenever I go on court I typically just do straight drives to myself. But the book has opened up quite a lot other drills I should be doing that are more challenging and interesting. Overall the book is not something you can finish in a couple of weeks. You have to work on each specific shot for some time before moving on to other shots.

    Squash : steps to success

    There is a score sheet for each drill that tells you when you're ready to move onto the next step. If you are serious about improving your game from a grounds up approach, this is definitely the book for you. GREAT book to read if you like to play squash! One of my favorite Squash books!

    Very detailed and teach the game well!

    The Complete Guide to Squash Ghosting Drills

    The Drills listed are quite good. Before you go on to own the court and play devilish winners from all angles you need to know how to hold the racket correctly. Once you have mastered the correct grip you can progress your game stage by stage — it is much harder to adapt your game to a bad grip than to change your grip in the first instance. Begin by shaking hands with the racket and then look for a V in your hand — this is essential.

    Squash Steps to success 1: Looking back & watching the ball

    The forefinger and thumb take on the roll of providing most of the control in the shot so correct positioning and relaxation is vital for successful shot execution. You want your wrist to be slightly cocked when holding the racket directly out in front, but remaining relaxed, not tense and stiff.

    The slight cock will help with keeping the racket face open during the swing forehand side and therefore aid with ball control. Squeezing the racket for dear life is a mistake often made by the club player. You want your grip to be relaxed both to stop muscle fatigue and to allow for a smoother, fuller swing.