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Richard Cantillon: Entrepreneur and Economist

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Indeed, his reputation for making fortunes when others were losing shirts — notably in the Mississippi Scheme and South Sea Bubble — earned him many enemies. He was jailed briefly in Paris and spent much of the s fighting litigation. The later obscurity may have derived from the care he took to cover his trails, which were widespread.

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His success as an investor was built on extensive research and travel, so that he had homes in seven different European capitals: including London, the city that did for him eventually. After a fire in his house there in , Cantillon was found dead in bed with severe burns.

At first it was thought he had fallen asleep while reading by candlelight. But a post mortem suggested death had preceded the fire, whereupon the spotlight fell on a cook who had recently been sacked. The cook escaped. Three other servants were subsequently cleared of charges. And perhaps inevitably, there were suspicions that the shifty economist was not dead at all, but that he had faked his own murder to avoid lawsuits.

Richard Cantillon: Entrepreneur and Economist.

Despite all his travels, Cantillon retained Irish tastes, at least in some things. His wife was beautiful and much younger than he, yet they seem to have been happy for a while, at least until , when he felt the need to send her to a convent for six months. If the famous banker did stage his death the following year, his wife helped the cover story by promptly marrying her lover.

Yet somehow, Cantillon managed to slip back into the shadows and was certainly neglected by his mother country up until recently. He is a suitable namesake for the long-running column in which Irish Times business journalists endeavour to offer insightful analysis and comment on the business and economic issues of the day. We use cookies to personalise content, target and report on ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

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