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By: Giorgio Caravale. Publication Date: 14 Aug In Honor of John Monfasani. Editor s : Alison Frazier and Patrick Nold. Publication Date: 14 Jul By: Jan Bloemendal. Publication Date: 04 Feb Classicist, Hebraist, Enlightenment Radical in Disguise. By: Ulrich Groetsch.

Publication Date: 05 Mar By: Jacomien Prins. Publication Date: 27 Nov Publication Date: 06 Nov The Circulation of Commonplaces in Renaissance Humanism. By: Eric M. Publication Date: 28 Aug By: Jacob Vance. Publication Date: 11 Sep By: Amos Edelheit. Publication Date: 03 Jul A Collection of Critical Essays. Editor s : Babette S. Publication Date: 03 Apr Publication Date: 17 Oct Providence and Praxis in the Foundation of the Society of Jesus. By: Christopher van Ginhoven Rey. Publication Date: 24 Oct By: K.

Meredith Ziebart.

Politics and Culture in Eighteenth-Century Russia

Publication Date: 14 Nov By: Michael Edwards. Publication Date: 20 Sep Editor s : Howell A. Essays in Honour of Alasdair A. Editor s : Karin Olsen and Jan R.

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Publication Date: 07 Nov By: Maria Golubeva. Publication Date: 17 May Studies in Honor of Michael Heyd. Publication Date: 22 Mar Editor s : Marco Sgarbi. Publication Date: 27 Mar Contributions to the History of European Intellectual Culture. Publication Date: 17 Aug Essays on Spinoza, Spinozism, and Spinoza Scholarship. Publication Date: 03 Aug Editor s : Eric Jorink and Dirk van Miert.

Catalog Record: Russian society and culture and the long | HathiTrust Digital Library

Publication Date: 26 Jul Egyptian Decipherment and Orientalism in Revolutionary Times. By: Fredrik Thomasson. Publication Date: 07 Jan Editor s : Sarah Mortimer and John Robertson. Publication Date: 02 Mar By: Alexander Lee. By: Emily Kugler. Publication Date: 17 Feb By: Raingard Esser. Editor s : Gabriela Signori.

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Publication Date: 06 Apr Essays on Grotius, Hobbes, and Locke. By: Deborah Baumgold. Publication Date: 27 Apr Esoteric Discourse and Western Identities. By: Kocku von Stuckrad. Publication Date: 08 Mar By: Ann Talbot. Publication Date: 11 Jan Melanchthonian Scholarship between Universal History and Pedagogy.

By: Asaph Ben-Tov.

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  6. Publication Date: 30 Nov Editor s : Laura Cruz and Willem Frijhoff. Publication Date: 31 Aug Building on the Work of Richard Popkin. Studies in the History of European Reason.

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    Editor s : Juhani Pietarinen and Valtteri Viljanen. Publication Date: 30 Sep The Amsterdam Athenaeum in the Golden Age, By: Dirk van Miert. Publication Date: 31 Jul Publication Date: 24 Jun By: Michael Sauter. Publication Date: 17 Jun Editor s : Mogens Laerke.

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    Publication Date: 02 Jun By: Carol Mary Richardson. By: Jan Rothkamm. Editor s : Wiep van Bunge and Hans Bots. Publication Date: 04 Jun Essays in Honour of Michael Lynch. Editor s : Julian Goodare and Alasdair A. Publication Date: 25 Jun Its Origin, Nature, Influence and Legitimacy. By: Leo Catana. Publication Date: 31 Mar Essays in Honour of Denis O'Brien.

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    By: Geert Warnar. Publication Date: 28 Feb By: Ulrich Lehner. Publication Date: 01 Feb By: Mette Birkedal Bruun. By: Charles Radding and Antonio Ciaralli. Editor s : Jonathan Boulton and Jan Veenstra. Editor s : Angelo Mazzocco. By: Anne Davenport.