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News of the Universe : Poems of Twofold Consciousness. Their "twofold" nature celebrates inner and outer consciousness, the participation of the object in the poetic vision. In this splendid anthology, Bly introduces the poems with extensive commentary to show society's changing attitudes toward nature - a movement away from anthropocentric assumptions fostered by Descartes, the church, imperial ambitions, and the rise of technology.

Those beliefs held that human thought was the only sentient force in the universe and resulted in the subjugation of the natural world to the designs of the human intellect.

Amir Sulaiman - The Universe is a Poem

The news this poetry brings is good news - of consciousness operating outside our own, all around us, and universally available to receptive spirits. Edited by Robert Bly.

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San Francisco: Sierra Club Books, In his journal The Fifties later The Sixties and The Seventies , Bly has established a fruitful editorial strategy; in the Leaping Poetry issue, for example, he writes a series of short essays all centering on the notion of association, then follows each essay with a number of poems which serve as object lessons. His method in News of the Universe is the same, though here greatly expanded from the earlier volumes, as he gives us eight essays and over poems and parts of poems, most of which do not appear in the standard anthologies.

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Because man thinks, he therefore possesses a certain nobility which sets him apart from his environment. For poets like Lessing, Pope, and Arnold, nature became the Other, something either to be feared or to be disdained, with civilization held out as the path to salvation.

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News of the Universe

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