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The Online Reference Guide to African American History

The Online Reference Guide to African American History

As the record money poured in, concerts across the country sold out. But with the invention of film in the s, ticket sales began to dwindle.

The golden age of the blues seemed to be fading and, as it did, Rainey returned to her Georgia hometown. HBO is currently working to create an onscreen version of the musical, starring Denzel Washington. By Annie Garau. How Ma Rainey, a small-town, Georgia girl, would go on to inspire generations of musicians. Ma Rainey.

Mother Of the Blues A Study of Ma Rainey

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Ma Rainey, Mother of The Blues - New Boll Weevil Blues - In Memoriam

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Previous Post. You might also like. In other words, Ma Rainey was a sight to behold and had a voice to remember. Rainey was also unashamed to publicly state her sexual attraction to women. A recent New York Times article lamented the fact that the paper had largely overlooked the importance of Ma Rainey in Blues history.

Memories of Ma Rainey as the Mother of the Blues resonate in other ways.

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Much of the play takes the form of discussions and arguments among the four musicians, each of whom brings his own perspective to questions of prejudice and the problems facing Black people in American society. Interestingly, there was not enough room for two divas in the same record company: Rainey went to Paramount while her understudy, Bessie Smith, ended up with a Columbia contract.

Then came economic catastrophe. The crash of the US stock market in almost destroyed the music recording industry.

The Mother of the Blues passed away from heart disease in ; she was 53 years old. Your email address will not be published.