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Language Arts Standard 1: Uses the general skills and strategies of the writing process.

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Science Standard 4: Understands the principles of heredity and related concepts. History Standard Understands economic, social and cultural developments in the contemporary United States. Cari Ladd , M. She has also taught in Maryland and Northern Virginia. Discuss issues related to genetic testing and the knowledge that comes with the test results.

Lessons Learned : Risk Management Issues in Genetic Counseling

Write an opinion paper on if or how genetic testing should be used to inform people of high risks for cancer. Discuss as a class what they see as the benefits and drawbacks of knowing this information. List these points on the board. Explain that geneticists have learned that a mutation in two specific genes have been linked to a high risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Show Clip 1, "Gene Mutation Animation," to give students a basic explanation of how a gene mutation can raise someone's risk for disease.

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Classes with a strong background on DNA concepts can skip this step. How do genetic and environmental factors influence a person's health? Draw from the "Background" section to provide details on the possible results of this testing, cancer risk statistics and the preventive treatment options available for those who test positive.

Show Clip 2, "Support Group," to provide students with information about the medical treatment choices and consequences of a number of women who tested positive for this mutation. Discuss treatment choices students would make if they were in that situation. How would access to affordable health care influence those choices? Explain that genetic testing can greatly impact families.

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After the clip, talk about how the lives of each daughter will change as a result of the knowledge gained through genetic testing. Discuss factors e.

What might happen if genetic testing for this mutation were not available? Conclude the activity by having students write an opinion paper on if or how genetic testing should be used to inform people of their being at high risk for cancer. How well their opinion papers effectively apply language conventions and demonstrate their understanding of the information, ideas and concepts addressed in the lesson activity. First, divide the class into groups that will argue for or against patenting genes. They now control all commercial testing in the United States and use testing fees to reimburse their original research investment.

Assign students the roles of various members of Congress, the president and the press. Give time for students to prepare an opening statement and ask or answer questions related to their role.

For example, the president may make a statement about signing GINA. Members of the press might ask why it took 13 years for the bill to pass and how it will affect people's lives.

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Students can find the legislative history of this law at the site for the National Human Genome Research Institute. After the press conference, ask students to write a news article about the new law. Help students create a family health history that will help them and members of their families take action to prevent serious medical disorders.

Guidelines for professional response to lawsuits.

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Plus helpful summaries, charts, tables, graphics, and online research ideas. This is must reading for genetic counselors and trainees. But the lessons of Lessons Learned extend far beyond the field, making the book a significant resource for health care risk managers and administrators, attorneys, marriage and family counselors, and other professionals in psychology and public health. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Textbooks. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly.

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