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On the other side the scales read ,; 50,; 75,; and , A calculating device with four printed cylinders ; ; ; and so arranged that percentages for every half percent from one to six percent can be read through slits. The total of say 6, at 4 percent could be figured by adding the sums shown in the four rows. One was presented to the Science Museum by M.

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Malassis in Chambon also introduced similar "calculators" for the multiplication tables, called "Multiplicateur Enfantin". Indicators can keep track of rows, increase, and times. Holes on the side provide a gauge for the needles. And a 4-and-a-half inch rule is along the bottom. Colonel Amedee Mannheim designed a slide rule with a cursor about Tavernier Gravet manufactured this in France and after exported a large number to England and Germany.

Two-sided revenuers rule with two sliding gauges. Similar to B Blake Ltd.

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One-sided with two scales for centimeters and inches. Two sided scale with nautical miles, kilometers and statue miles on one side and centimeters to kilometers and inches to miles or versiers on the other. Distributed by R. Mitscher Co. Patent no. Maurand, 1 "Le Prompt Calculateur des arts industriels et du commerce", Readable or Writable Memory, Paper, Random, ca , France, d x 18mm, blue, pink, yellow and green cards, Brass, glass, cardboard, brass case with glass lid, 30 cardboard tables, Buy, Peter Delehar, The device was described by Benjamin Beran The upper part of the helix carries a sine scale.

Palatine Engineering Co. The Oliver typewriter is the only successful down-strike-from-the-side class, It was invented by Rev. The models appeared in the following order No. The 28 type-bars, each of which resembles an inverted U, are arranged in two banks to the right and left of the printing point, so providing complete visibility of the writing, the type striking on to the vertical centre line of the platen.

Keyboard Suite in D Minor, HWV 437: III. Sarabande (Arr. P. Breiner for Orchestra)

Each bar carries three characters, the machine printing 84 characters by double shift. The use of a bar pivoted at each end is claimed to secure and preserve accurate alignment. The bars rest one within another and, as the length of the extremities vary, the shorter type-bars are provided with heavier type-heads with the object of equalizing the impressions. The paper cylinder is fitted with three rollers, the pressure of which can be released for adjusting the paper. The register pawl can be lifted to free the roller when linving by pencil.

Single or double spacing is actuated by a striking motion operated by the marginal stop. New York, Buy, Peter Delahar, Here their lengths are varied and rad by verniers in the pulleys. The length of the main body rod which pivots on a central circular support, can be set and read by a vernier.

The pulleys move in unison by virtue of the adjustable stell band with brass fittings coursing over them. One very large weight of brass and lead is used to balance the main rod and two smaller weights for the two side rods. The eidograph is essentially a more precise and versatile pantograph. Variable ratios can be set on the instrument for enlarging or reducing work. The eidograph was invented by William Wallace in based on the l7th century pantographThe eidograph is essentially a more preceise and versatile pantograph.

The eidograph was invented by Will B A nicely made brass t-square with an adjusting arm which allows it to be set to a particular angle as read off the protractor scale. A bubble level on the stationary arm allows horizontal or vertical reading. A ratcheted chain counter is also fixed to the stationary arm. A removable box compass can be fitted onto either arm by a neatly devised, quick action device. The instrument was once the equipment of a Virginia surveyor and retains a fine hand-worked character with great attention to detail, such as fine knurling of the many thumb screws.

Smart illustrates a similar instrument by Francis Whiteley of Standardsville, Virginia on p. The patent model and its type were made first, then the design with the sine grid, and finally the most advanced type with serial numbers and an added verneir on the swinging arm for reading the protractor scale as illustrated in Smart. The instrument is used for enlarging or reducing a drawing with ratios marked along the slot, set by moving the screw pivot in it.

See Top scale is the ballistic coefficient; bottom is coefficient of form; center sliding scale has weight in pounds and diameter in includes. Reverse side has two sliders. Top stationery rule is ballistic coefficient. Slider has range-yards; time of flight-seconds; height of vertex - fee; angle of elevation or descent.

Stationery rule has velocity reduced time in seconds. Slider has velocity and reduced elevation and reduced angle of descent.

Suite in D minor, HWV 437 (Handel, George Frideric)

Botoom stationery rule has velocity. Main, B. Sliding cursor has two more scales that are not identified. Patent B The left rule with input of odometer start and odometer end shows miles driven. The right rule inputting miles driven and miles per gallon, shows gallons used. Sold as "useful where speed of pen suffices and carbon copy is not needed. They fascinate and teach children. Their Elders find them useful. No maker yet this was manufactured. Late PDP core plane. See letter from Donald Davies in files and instruction book; same as B Slide rule on one side tables on the reverse.

Bell Artifacts Collection

These include Decimal equivalents of one foot, weight metals, and ultimate strength. A nautical slide rule. The inner circle has time ranging from one minute to 10 hours. Beaufort wind scale, knots and weather bureau description. The adjustable tracer arm with vernier and adjustable pole arm allows the reading of areas in square inches to 0. The range of the trace arm is 1. The maximum area "Pole out-side figure" is about 12 inches and "pole within figure" a 39 inch circle and 27 inch square.

The semicircular protractor has a horncenter and movable arm capable of being set at.

Albert Newstler A. It differs from the former in that there is no overlap of scales on the base cylinder and from the latter in that each grid bar contains only one scale and that these scales are half the length of the base one. There are 50 scales, 20" long each on the main cylinder for a total scale length of inches and the same number, 10" long each, on the sliding grid.

Buy, Historical Technology. Heath fect, Gunter type sector, 1, , England, Bright brass, restored lacquer finish, pivoted strut which fold into a slot for added support. Thomas Heath started in business in Unusual hinged slide rule with navigational scales. Wittnaur Watch Co.

Jones, 50 Holborn, London, 1 pantograph, Analog calculator, multiple parts, proportional copier, ca , England, Brass, case and instrument, Buy, Amherst antiques. Assembly Drg. See also and B Routledge Engineer Bolton, Buy, England. Charles Augustus Schmalcalder, 1 Protractor, Analog calculator, Circular protractor, ca , England, brass, double cantilever arm and geared, wood case and instrument, Buy, Peter Delahar.

Illustrated in G.

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Adams, rev W. Jones, Geometrical and Graphical Essays, 4th Ed. London Jeffery Camborne, Wilton St. Engraved H. Mackay; Horizontal equivalents for 20 feet of vertical engraved on one side; rule for degree of slope on the other.

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Yards on one side; 8 to M paces or yards on the other. A very rare instrument, modifying the Amsler design. Arithma and case. Elliott Bros London No. Example of the giant circular slide rule devised by Lord and made by Elliot Bros. In very fine condition. London, England. Burroughs Portable Adding Machine — Black and green medal with paper tape. Made in Galway.

PDP Module circa CHM Sextant with case. CHM Programmable robot toys B Porter and two Columbia University graduate students of electrical engineering. Simon is a simple mechanical "brain" that can transfer information automatically from any one of its "registers" to any other, and it can perform reasoning operations of indefinite length.

Its relays basic functions are programming, storage, computation, input, and output. Note: PDF file to be included. London B Lawrence Engineering service slide rule.