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Ford’s uphill battle

It was the Ford Sociological Department. Ford, and the man who founded the company, were both a product driven by and of their times.

They were just two more slightly upscale cars in a sea of American automotive ingenuity. As almost everybody knows by now, the Ford Model T changed everything for the life of the company. And all that efficiency had an effect on the price, too. It was a damn cheap car for the masses. And boy, did the masses ever bite. Consumers eventually bought more than 15,, Model Ts. By , the cars were everywhere.

They were used as family cars, touring cars, roadsters, trucks, everything you could imagine and more. They were well and truly ubiquitous. But building more cars than the world had ever seen before required a massive workforce. Over 14, workers, to be approximate. The problem with pinpointing down a definitive labor count at the beginning of that year was because the company had extremely high turnover. In the preceding year alone, the Ford Motor Company somehow managed to hire more than 52, people , despite having less than 15, on payroll at any one time.

To combat the rate of worker attrition, Henry Ford had another brilliant idea. The huge pay raise sent shockwaves through the automotive industry, not least of which because now it meant that a Ford worker could easily afford a Ford car. Instead, you had to work at the company for at least six months, and you also had to buy in to a new set of rules. The extra pay came at a price.

To qualify for his doubled salary, the worker had to be thrifty and continent. He had to keep his home neat and his children healthy, and, if he were below the age of twenty-two, to be married.

The Life of Henry Ford

By the end of the year, Highland Park will employ about 13, men. The following day, 10, job seekers clamor for jobs at Highland Park. April After watching an outside movie company film a newsreel in his factory, Ford becomes intrigued by the possibilities for publicity and establishes his own moving picture department. Its two-man staff quickly grows to be a full service production company of over 25, with its own fleet of modern 35mm cameras and a film processing and editing lab at Highland Park. Spring Henry Ford begins secretly buying hundreds of acres of farmland along the River Rouge to build what would become known as the Rouge Plant.

November 24, Henry Ford calls a press conference to announce his plan to end World War 1. Known as Ford's "Peace Ship" expedition, the plan includes chartering an ocean liner and sailing to Europe to convince the warring nations to stop fighting. The stunt is ultimately a failure. November 1, Edsel Ford, age 22, marries Eleanor Clay, niece of the founder of Hudson's, Detroit's preeminent department store. November 2, John and Horace Dodge, two of Ford's original investors, file a lawsuit against the directors of the Ford Motor Company charging that the company violated the interests of its stockholders.

Ford receives an injunction forbidding him from using company funds to build the new plant. His year-old son Edsel is elected to the role, and assumes the presidency on New Year's Day, The announcement excites the public but alarms the seven remaining Ford Motor Company stockholders.

Failing for Success: Henry A. Ford

In a panic over the thought of losing sales to Ford's new company, they sell their stocks. By July, Ford's announcement is revealed to be a trick: his agents had purchased all of the stocks and there would be no rival automobile company. For the first time, the Ford family controls every last share in the Ford Motor Company. And while Edsel may be president in name, Henry still retains power. Though Ford won the trial, the press ridiculed the automaker for his lack of historical knowledge and inarticulate performance on the witness stand. Y American , Geo. Perhaps if they had been, we should not have this war on our hands.

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For greed and idleness brought it on. Y Times Magazine , interview by S. Subject : Change; Life Source : N. Everything else can be taken from us, but not our character.

Ford Date : March Let them ask the questions and then give them the answers. Stidger interview Date : April I don't like old people. I stay away from them. Dutton interview Date : March But we must learn what competition really is. It is a striving to attain the best. To throttle it would mean to stop all progress.

Certain men do not need to compete. They are pioneers. Subject : Competition Source : Rotarian, S. J Woolf interview Date : June I'd like to devote about three years to the elimination of the cow. There's not reason in the world why the chemist can't discover the cow's secret of converting vegetation into dairy products. And there's less reason why the chemist can't do a better job of it after he learns how. I believe that we can make milk by scientific process, eliminating the cow.

Subject : Thomas Edison Source : N. Edison was called 'The Wizard' of the electrical world and everyone thought that electricity was the coming thing, he actually encouraged me to go with my second car.

When Henry Ford's Benevolent Secret Police Ruled His Workers

Theory without practical application is futile. Subject : Education; Practice Source : N. That is what we are put in the world for, to get experience and to help others get it. It is the one thing no one can take away from us. I believe that faith works. Y Times Magazine , S. But I cannot flatter myself that I found her because I was a 'good picker', I believe profoundly that we are guided, led, in such momentous matters.

The job of the government is to serve, not to dominate.

Tennessee Ernie Ford Sings 16 Tons

Subject : Health; Diet Source : N. Yet our country has depended more on harrows than on guns or speeches. I thought that a history which excluded harrows, and all the rest of daily life, was bunk. And I think so yet.

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Everything President Hoover has advised or tried to put into effect has been sound. With more leaders we could have more industry. More industry, more employment and comfort for all. The wheel is the basis of the machine. J Woolf Date : June Stidger Date : April IV Date : Nov-Dec That may be the reason for our love of song-it has wings and lifts us; with proper songs, it is a nourishing spiritual exercise.


The teaching of it goes far to restore the balance and richness of life, and-I might add- the unit of life also. The less interference they get from the politicians the quicker they'll end it. Everybody profits from industry.

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  • Politicians don't understand profits because they can pay bills out of taxation. Both alcohol and tobacco are taboo in plants. I got the idea from a book by Orlando Smith. Until I discovered this theory I was unsettled and dissatisfied-without a compass, so to speak. When I discovered reincarnation it was as if I had found a universal plan. I realized that there was a chance to work out my ideas. Time was no longer limited. I was no longer a slave to the hands of the clock. There was time enough to plan and to create. I wouldn't give five cents for seeing all the world, because I feel there is nothing in the five continents and on the five seas that I have not somehow seen.

    Somewhere is a master mind sending brain wave messages to us. There is a Great Spirit.