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Article Navigation. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. Volume Article Contents. Lay Summary. Adult helpers increase the recruitment of closely related offspring in the cooperatively breeding rifleman Stephanie A. Oxford Academic. Google Scholar. James V.

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Ben J. Address correspondence to S. E-mail: stephanie. Handling editor: Madeleine Beekman. Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. Abstract Indirect fitness benefits gained through kin-selected helping are widely invoked to explain the evolution of cooperative breeding behavior in birds.

Open in new tab Download slide. Table 1. Open in new tab. Table 2. Factors affecting total provisioning rates to nests food delivered by all carers. Table 3. Table 4. Table 5. The social organization of the white-browed scrubwren Sericornis frontalis Gould Acanthizidae in arid, semi-arid and mesic environments of Western Australia. Search ADS. Google Preview.

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Helpers at the nest improve late-life offspring performance: evidence from a long-term study and a cross-foster experiment. Can we measure the benefits of help in cooperatively breeding birds: the case of superb fairy-wrens Malurus cyaneus? The effect of helpers on artificially increased brood size in sociable weavers Philetairus socius.

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Load-lightening in cooperatively breeding birds and the cost of reproduction. Long-term effects of brood size manipulation on morphological development and sex-specific mortality of offspring. A test of alternate hypotheses for helping-behavior in white-fronted bee-eaters of Kenya.

Breeding biology of white-fronted bee-eaters at Nakuru: the influence of helpers on breeder fitness. Body size, its heritability and influence on juvenile survival among great tits, Parus major. Provisioning rules in cooperatively breeding long-tailed tits, Aegithalos caudatus : an experimental study. Helpers increase long-term but not short-term productivity in cooperatively breeding long-tailed tits.

Kidnapping and reciprocity in cooperatively breeding white-winged choughs. Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic birds. Helpers benefit offspring in both the short and long-term in the cooperatively breeding banded mongoose. The ecomorphology of sexual dimorphism in the New Zealand rifleman Acanthisitta chloris.


Cooperative breeding in the white-throated magpie-jay. How do auxilaries influence nesting success? Multiple benefits of cooperative breeding in purple-crowned fairy-wrens: a consequence of fidelity? Interpretation and explanation in the study of animal behaviour. Volume 2: explanation, evolution, and adaptation. Variable helper effects, ecological conditions, and the evolution of cooperative breeding in the acorn woodpecker. The evolution of parental and alloparental effort in cooperatively breeding groups: when should helpers pay to stay?

Skill acquisition and the timing of natal dispersal in the white-throated magpie-jay, Calocitta Formosa. Helper contributions in the cooperatively breeding laughing kookaburra: feeding young is no laughing matter. Females increase reproductive investment in response to helper-mediated improvements in allo-feeding, nest survival, nestling provisioning and post-fledging survival in the Karoo scrub-robin Cercotrichas coryphaeus.

The parental investment strategy of an avian cooperative breeder differs between a fragmented and an unfragmented landscape. Nestling weight and juvenile survival in the blackbird, Turdus merula. Group breeding dramatically increases reproductive success of yearling but not older female scrub wrens: a model for cooperatively breeding birds. Facultative helping does not influence reproductive success or survival in cooperatively breeding white-browed scrubwrens. Dominant males punish helpers for temporary defection in superb fairy-wrens.

Do helpers increase reproductive success? An experimental analysis in the Florida scrub jay. Do parents and helpers adjust their provisioning effort in relation to nestling sex in a cooperatively breeding bird? Genetic analysis reveals diverse kin-directed routes to helping in the rifleman Acanthisitta chloris. Characterisation of microsatellite loci in the rifleman Acanthisitta chloris, Acanthisittidae , AVES and their predicted genome locations.

R Development Core Team. Direct benefits and the evolution of female-biased cooperative breeding in Seychelles warblers. Factors affecting offspring survival and development in a cooperative bird: social, maternal and environmental effects. Reduced egg investment can conceal helper effects in cooperatively breeding birds.

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Helper contributions to reproductive success in the splendid fairy-wren Malurus splendens. Cooperative breeding in riflemen Acanthissitta chloris ; benefits to parents, offspring and helpers.

Relative parental effort during incubation in riflemen Acanthisitta chloris. Parental investment, size sexual dimorphism, and sex ratio in the rifleman Acanthisitta chloris. Co-operative parental care; contribution of the male rifleman Acanthisitta chloris to the breeding effort.


Effects of helpers on nestling care and breeder survival in pygmy nuthatches. Parents increase their parental effort when aided by helpers in a cooperatively breeding bird.

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Death and disappearance: estimating mortality risks associated with philopatry and dispersal. Helping enhances multiple components of reproductive success in the cooperatively breeding apostlebird. How helpers help: disentangling ecological confounds from the benefits of cooperative breeding.

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