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Fler böcker av Jens Carsten Jantzen

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It will be of particular interest to mathematicians and historians of mathematics. Information for our distributors: Co-published with the London Mathematical Society beginning with Volume 4. Group Schemes and Representations. Induction and Injective Modules. Quotients and Associated Sheaves.

Algebras of Distributions. Representations of Finite Algebraic Groups.

  • Linear Algebraic Groups and Their Representations.
  • Fler böcker av Jens Carsten Jantzen?
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The Linkage Principle. The Translation Functors. Filtrations of Weyl Modules. Representations of Gr T and Gr B. Injective GrModules.

Algebraic Groups and their Representations: R.W. Carter, J. Saxl: Books

Cohomology of the Frobenius Kernels. Schubert Schemes. Representations of Frobenius Kernels.

Reduction mod p. Representations of Reductive Groups. Reductive Groups. Simple GModules. Irreducible Representations of the Frobenius Kernels. They have broad connections to other areas of mathematics and other disciplines outside mathematics.


The investigator's special interest is to meld the representation and cohomological theories of these objects and to study their inter-relations. Jiuzhao Hua, Zongzhu Lin. Zongzhu Lin. Carlson, Z. Lin, D.

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